Discover a delectable range of premium proteins in our Specialty Meats collection. From savory beef and tender chicken to flavorsome pork, and wholesome turkey – we offer a diverse selection of meat products. Whether you prefer skewers, kabobs, grinds, meal kits, stuffed proteins, or marinades, we have something for every taste and occasion. Our products boast top-quality standards, being grass-fed, all-natural, ABF, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Trusted by leading names in the food industry, we take pride in supplying superior meats that elevate the dining experience. Choose excellence with our Specialty Meats line today.


Catering Menu • Stuffed Proteins • Skewers • Event Planning

Working with our distribution partners, we have the advantage of supplying foodservice operations across the country. We have access to some of the most prestigious culinary teams within some of the largest foodservice companies in the world. These relationships allow us to develop product offerings with high quality, strong value, and labor savings.

Just a few examples of our recent successes: kabobs for the PGA Tour, skewers for a sports arena, and premium stuffed chicken for a college graduation event.


When we design our programs, we focus on what is important to our retail partners. Our greatest value when collaborating as a team: providing high quality, consistency, labor savings, shelf life / shrink management, strong value, and food safety. We deliver a product that will ultimately result in growing sales numbers, minimal shrink, and that attracts more customers to your store.

We pride ourselves in creating an extension of our clients’ businesses, an outside custom commissary that is ready to deliver on the specific needs of our retail partners.

"Everything from the meats to the sauces, the vegetables and the handcrafted look, we could not be any more pleased with them."